The Scriptol project

Scriptol is a modern, object-oriented programming language designed to be simple and safe. Scriptol should improve development speed greatly, and make programming a real pleasure.
Scriptol is the first programming language to use Xml as dynamic, integrated data-structure. In a light form, with instances.


The Scriptol Interpreter

It is in development and still alpha. Source and binary should be available at Sourceforge for download.
Look at the home of the language and the Scriptol Interpreter.


The Scriptol Compiler

This is a production/stable compiler. However the library may be completed.
The source of the library, under the Mozilla Licence, should be available to download at Sourceforge.

The Scriptol for .Net Compiler

The development of the compiler for the dotnet platform is started, it is at pre-alpha level
The full source of the compiler, under the Gnu Gpl Licence will be available at Sourceforge.

How to contribute

You can contribute to the Scriptol project at three levels:
1) Write a Scriptol program. Let us know your problems and suggests for improvements by e-mail (see address below), or through the Scriptol faq page or even on the new forum.
2) Contribute to the library. Extend it with open-source files under Mozilla or LGPL licence. Register as a contributor here.
3) Contribute to the Scriptol compiler itself, or the interpreter. You should have some experience in compiler building to do that. Register as contributor also.


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